About Me


Thank you for your consideration. Here, I'd like to introduce myself by sharing my story of becoming a counselor with you.

My desire to become a counselor evolved from my experience healing from the death of my mother. Paradoxically, pain brought me insight, peace, and a career. While in undergraduate school at the time of her passing, I studied Human Development and Family Studies and later Mental Health Counseling. I was interested in the functionality of human behavior and constructs of family and societal structures. I was also committed to understanding what my family and I were experiencing, and how I could move through it. In large part, school became a source of healing. While grieving, I was sitting in the classroom learning about the very thing I was going through. Fascinating!

Beyond my grief, I was interested in learning about the mental and emotional challenges humans face; and how I could help.

Through my education in mental health counseling, I was able to discover an empowered place within myself that promoted order over my wellbeing, even in the face of chaos. I became more understanding and compassionate toward my own experiences and learned the value of being intentional in one's responses to stressors, events, and people. I also became intrigued with the juxtaposition and paradox of order vs. chaos that appears in counseling.

A seemingly negative occurrence that causes a mess of things can, and just as true, cause a reordering of something into a positive evolution. Isn’t that wild?

For example, having a tough conversation with strong or painful emotions can also bring honesty and clarity, while also deepening the connection people share.

To fulfill my personal commitment to evolve from my grief, I first had to be willing to become even more uncomfortable for the purpose of becoming comfortable once more. I had to surrender to the natural ebb and flow of learning, progressing, and healing. All while knowing the added discomfort of sitting in class when the topics were painful, was also the very thing that would bring me closer to insight, peace, and a career. This is how I became a counselor, and in part, how I learned to help myself.

I apply the same level of commitment to each of my clients.

I would be honored to help you, help yourself.

“Chaos was the law of nature; order was the dream of Man.” -Henry Adams


Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor-Supervisor E. 1000265-SUPV
Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage & Family Therapy Board

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